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The year on the world is divided in 12 months of about 30 days each, with a few differences on each to make the year flow properly.


There are 4 seasons that the year is divided in. Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. They are divided according to climate on each, with winter being the coldest and summer the hottest.

  • Winter goes from the start of the month of the Snow until the half of the month of the Festival.
  • Spring goes from the half of the month of the Festival until the end of the month of the Growth.
  • Summer goes from the start of the month of the Rest until the end of the month of the Sun.
  • Autumn goes from the start of the month of the Wind until the end of the month of the Falling Leaves.


The coldest season is the one in which the year ends, and starts in. Snow is commonly seen following through the Plains and the Desert. Lakes usually freeze on this season. It is also one of the longest seasons of the year.

Most people usually spend most days on their houses due to the high risk of snowstorms and blizzards.


Spring is a season that is well known by the blooming of flowers, the weather is warmer than the winter and it's easier to move around in. Insects are commonly seem meandering around though which can be quite the bother for some. It's a season as big as winter.

It's not uncommon for those that plan ahead to have their children on spring, as that is the farthest one from winter, so it increases the chances of the child surviving.


The hottest season around, summer is a good season for harvesting and for stocking up supplies for the upcoming winter, it's probably the most dreaded seasons for anyone that works on the fields due to the highly intensive labor that is required on it, as well as the scorching heat. Summers lasts for a bit less than Spring and Winter.

It's not uncommon for people to pass out due to the heat-stroke, specially at the desert near Delta Town.

Rumors of wildfires spreading by itself in some places of the Plains are also common, though those have never been confirmed as naturally made fires.


A chilly month that comes before winter, it has strong winds during it's entirety, but mainly on its start. It's the shortest month of the year.

Hurricanes are commonly seen during those times, and tornadoes are specially common, which can be quite dreadful if they reach a city. Aeternus was made above the height tornadoes and hurricanes reach though, so it's a safe haven from those.

Strong storms and hail is also common however, it's a season with quite the dangerous weather.


The months have been named to represent aspects of the time people spent on them, a certain poem has been known to be told to children so as to help them remember which month is which:

The 1st is the month of the beginnings, one to celebrate the new year that came, to start things anew.
The 2nd is the month of the festival, in which we say goodbye to the cold and say hello to the warmth.
The 3rd is the month of the flowers, in which petals flood our surroundings in their full splendor.
The 4th is the month of the life, in which new people join our journey through this world.
The 5th is the month of the growth, in which the fields demand our greatest effort.
The 6th is the month of the rest, in which we prepare for the upcoming hardship.
The 7th is the month of the harvest, in which we stock up on our provisions.
The 8th is the month of the sun, in which the heat floods our lands for the last time.
The 9th is the month of the wind, in which the breeze announces the beginning of the cold.
The 10th is the month of the falling leaves, in which the trees lose their beauty, and the world starts to dull.
The 11th is the month of the snow, in which the plains should be covered in white.
The 12th is the month of the farewell, one to say get rid of our sorrows, and prepare to start anew.


Each week consists of 7 days, each day is associated with an element that fits it.

The first is the Fire Day, when one is filled with energy.
The second is the Light Day, a bright and cheerful time.
The third is the Thunder Day, it's loud and powerful.
The fourth is the Wind Day, the reminder of how swiftly the week passed through.
The fifth is the Water Day, which passes through calmly and smoothly.
The sixth is the Dark Day, everyone just wishes to close their eyelids by now.
The seventh is the Earth Day, when one lays down to rest.

Remarkable Dates

Dates that are commonly celebrated on the regions near the guild have a spot on the calendar, so as to remind all of their importance.

  • 12th of the Harvest: Celebrates the birth of the Adventurer's Guild.
  • 21st of the Farewell: National Turtle Soup Day.


  • The making of the calendar was made by checking the origins of the months of Roman and the Polish Calendar, and then creating appropriate names for them... As well as making a slight change to the order so as to not make the Month of the Snow being right before the Month of the Festival.